In relation to the use of the PerthCareers website, we use the visitor’s IP address and browser details to analyse trends, manage the site, and gather anonymous data that helps us improve their experience online. This information is not distributed or shared outside PerthCareers.

PerthCareers will not ask its visitors to register of enter any personal information. Once visitors decide to view a full job advertisement, the visitor will be redirected to the originator of the job advertisement; if visitors then want to apply for a specific job opportunity, they will be asked by the originator of the job advertisement to fill in an ‘apply online’ form. The terms and conditions of use of such online forms are those that correspond to the originator of the job advertisement.

In regards to any and all of the data or visitor information stored by PerthCareers; PerthCareers accepts no liability that may arise from the misuse or distribution of customer data, if this information were to be stolen, hacked, or otherwise illegally obtained.

If you need further details about our Privacy and Data Policy please write to us